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The fiber terminal is used to connect the fiber in the house and it can be hanged on the wall or fixed on the floor. the body is made of steel plate with rot-resistant coating.For meeting the new development of communication network, the products considered to be new small distribution cabinets, it is applied for remote module offices, BTS, etc. DDF, ODF modules are integrated in the same equipment, so the original functions are   realized and do save space and be easy to manage.



Access Style Terminal 

Line Im&expott Quantity:  1  ( it can be more)  Volume0~12 Cores  Overall Dimensions 


 Common  Style Terminal

Line Im&expott Quantity:  2  it can be more) Volume0~48 Cores  Overall Dimensions



 Large  Terminal

Line Im&expott Quantity: 6(it can be more) Volume0~96 Cores  Overall Dimensions

19"Standard  Terminal

Line Im&expott Quantity: 2(it can be more) Volume0~24 Cores  Overall Dimensions

NOTE:If you need deferenet size please tell us.


·         Mounted against wall to save space

·         Patch cords management is clear and neat

·         Enough optic fiber storing space, curvature ratio of fibers is very well guaranteed

·         Reliable grouding protection

Technical index

l performance temperature: -25-+40

lrelative humidity: 85%(+30℃时)

latmospheric pressure: 70KPa-106kPa

l insulated resistance 2X104M 500VDC

llongevity20 years


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